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Can anybody help?

In February, I ordered a NSK passport from the Laibach WTC site and to date I’ve still not received it. Has anybody else here had similar problems?

I chased them in late March, asking what had happened, and they told me there was a problem with the online ordering system, then sent me another link to submit my passport photo and details. Since then, I’ve heard nothing at all, despite sending them (and the NSK Information Centre in Ljubljana) more than a dozen emails and letters.

I’ve spent almost as much money on international postage now as I paid for the actual passport, but I don’t want to let this go, as it’s a matter of principle. Can anybody suggest anything?

Laibach as teachers

I apologize for the two posts being close together.

How many of you have learned things from Laibach?

I know I've learned many things from them. I've been listening to them since I was 15. At first I got into them because of their bad ass sound and German lyrics. Well, and I thought Milan Fras was pretty sexy. ;) I ended up wanting to know everything about his culture and his country and that helped me learn about other cultures and international politics. I also learned to question issues and leaders and not just take things at face value.

What have you learned from Laibach?

Listening to Volk album

Leave it to Laibach to touch on so many important issues.

The song "America" makes me very sad because they managed to express exactly how I feel about my country. I like how Milan's voice captures that feeling of despair.

His tone of voice is different in some of these songs. I'm used to his angry confrontational gruff voice. However in "America" and "Anglia," there's this sadness, disgust, despair and frustration in his voice. I think it's a good reflection of the frustration and disgust many people around the world feel towards those two countries.

In light of the release of the latest Spider-Man movie...

an odd little story to share...

I remember when I went out to see the 1st Spider-Man film, during the wrestling scene with Bonesaw, I heard his theme-song... It was very, very familar... then, BAM, I GOT IT!

IT WAS PANORAMA BY LAIBACH! WOW.. just about the last band I would expect to hear in a mainstream comic book action movie!

and the kicker? by pure coincidence, I was wearing my Laibach shirt at that moment.

but yeah, if your in doubt, just watch it for yourself!

(you can hear it faintly in this video clip)
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Seeing as you're all quiet and lazy mofos...

Laibach releases yet another DVD

Laibach releases yet another DVDLaibach has released the "Divided States of America" DVD, the latest in a series of Laibach DVDs, on Mute on November 28, 2006. "Divided States Of America" is a unique document of Laibach's most recent US tour. Set during the traumatic 2004 post-election atmosphere in a country deeply divided by two opposite political and cultural poles the DVD is directed by award winning Slovenian filmmaker Saso Podgorsek. As bonus fooage you may expect Laibach live in Paris. Check out the film's trailer.

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