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Laibach in SLO

I'm looking for some detail information about Anhovo Festival "Nocna izmena" (SLO)...
I want to go to the Laibach concert 02.09 and need info about press acreditation or tickets prices.


New Laibach Book Coming Soon

(from the official website)

Interrogation Machine - Laibach and NSK

Dr. Alexei Monroe's book "Interrogation Machine - Laibach and NSK", with particular focus on the performances and productions of Laibach, will be published by MIT Press on July 31st 2005.

Published in MIT's "Short Circuits" series, the book is an updated English language version of the best-selling Slovene book "Pluralni monolit - Laibach in NSK" (Maska in 2003), supplemented with additional material, colour illustrations and a foreword by series editor Slavoj Zizek.

More details and pre-order
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