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Looking for the hard to find cd side-project. I was able to find Hard Drive, and Also Sprach Johannes Paulus II, but not the 'satanic techno' part of the trilogy. Help?

Also, Laibach:Tribut ('Schlecht u. Ironisch') - opinions?

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from the Laibach website:

The RetroFuturistic Universe of NSK at The Frye Art Museum

On the 16th April exhibition "The RetroFuturistic Universe of NSK " will be opened in the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, USA. Exhebition showcases the Rector Collection, the largest collection of NSK art and ephemera in the United States. It also features Laibach and Irwin performance footage, music videos and other NSK products.

Exhibition, opened till 31st July includes several related events. More details Here

And from the Laibach List...

Subject: Achtung!!! TOUR!!!

21. April 2005 Ljubljana @ Orto Bar http://www.orto-bar.com/
22. April 2005 Ljubljana @ Orto Bar http://www.orto-bar.com/

Orto Bar is a very very very smal club!!! It can be compared to Laibach playing in your living room. ;-) [Zlato's comment not mine!]

First leg of European tour starts:

13. May 2005 in Trieste (Italy) @ Teatro Miela and follows over Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Deutschland and concludes on 28. May 2005 in Plsen in Czech Republic

Second leg of European tour:

23. August 2005 in Malmo (Sweden), then Finland, Norway, and then they will finish the tour with gigs in Poland, and Czech Republic.
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i'm working on english subtitles (tho finding some in other languages would be great as well) for prerokbe ognja, i figured posting something here about it might a) get folks to go - o wait, there's already a subtitle file, here ya go!, and b) move my ass a little faster on finishing it up.


Here's the obligatory 1st post in order to get the ball rolling...

Feel free to contribue anything that you see fit. Things that should be included in the profile, interests, news, NSK related items for sale, philisophical discussions, etc...
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